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Northern Dame offers reliable traffic control equipment and services of the highest quality. We are experienced in catering to the traffic management needs of clients with ongoing road construction projects, special events, and much more.

Traffic Control

Utilize traffic cones, drums, and delineators of all kinds and sizes for your project. Our portable equipment helps motorists and pedestrians become fully aware of your worksite or event, so you can continue to work or celebrate with absolutely no disturbance.

Traffic Maintenance

We appoint trained, experienced, and knowledgeable traffic control supervisors to set up, take down, and maintain all traffic control equipment. These dynamic individuals will also take charge of overseeing any flaggers on-site, ensuring a smooth traffic flow in your area.

Equipment Rentals

Rent out signs, stands, and barricades for better traffic flow in your location. We offer a wide variety of well-maintained devices that help keep you and passing motorists safe.

Flagger Certification

To become a flagger certified by the American Traffic Safety Services Association (ATSSA ®), interested participants must follow the following:

  • Complete an ATSSA ® Flagger Course With a Minimum of Four Hours
  • Pass the Flagger Exam Following Your State’s Requirements
  • Pass All Sections of the Demonstration Test

Once you complete the course and pass the National Flagger Certification Exam, you will be issued an ATSSA ® certification valid for the next four years.

Program Details

Our comprehensive, 4-hour training classes are held classes all over Alaska, while our flagger training and certification course are taught on-site at our location. Our ATSSA ®-certified instructors will optimize the following training methods:

  • Classroom Interaction
  • Hands-On Flagger Demonstration
  • PowerPoint Presentation

Learning Objectives

The main goal of this course is to educate participants on being safe and effective flaggers. To measure the success of the program, each will be tested on their knowledge the following:

  • Importance of Proper Flagger Operations
  • Abilities of a Good Flagger
  • Use of Standard References Pertaining to Flagging Control
  • Proper Flagger Signal and Procedures
  • Flagger Practices for Various Typical Situations

Requirements and Materials

The course is open to interested participants of all ages, including individuals under the age of 18. However, the law allows only those 18 and up to work on state projects. Each participant will also be given their own flagger handbook, workbook, test, and pencil, which can be kept by the course-takers at the end of the program.

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